July 19, 2021 With One Round Load!       
       North State Shooting Club Events for 2021

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Covid screening is no longer required! Whoop whoop!

Pre-registration is required, not only for the matches with paid puller available, but also to make sure we can accommodate the number of competitors. We have a limit of 80 competitors due to the virus. Some items to note:
You must pre-register even if you are coming to the match as match director, target puller, or observer.

Only shooters, scorers, and range officials are allowed up on the line. Scorers, please stay 6 feet behind the shooter if you are not vaccinated. All other competitors are asked to remain well behind the line and practice safe social distancing - 6 feet apart and masks are encouraged if you are not vaccinated.

Pullers are furnished for some prone matches. Please pre-register so we know how many pullers are needed. If you don't pre-register, you are not guaranteed to have a puller available. If you choose to pull your own target, only one person per target in the pits and practice safe social distancing.

Remember, we are GUESTS of the NCNG and they are willing to let NSSC run matches. The LAST thing we want is to have an outbreak attributed to NSSC.

Matches Up Next @ KD Range Four Camp Butner...

September 18-19 XTC Bernie Oliver NC State XTC Championship
Saturday - 1000 Agg XTC
Sunday - EIC Leg Match and Governor's 10 Match

September 24-26 Pete Masten Mid Range Fall 600 yd Weekend
Friday - Mid Range Practice at 1 pm
Saturday - 2x 600 yd plus Team Any/Iron
Sunday - 2x 600 yd plus Team Any/Any

The range gate will now remain locked until the Match Director signs the range out at Range Control.
If you are the Match Director, please sign the range out by 7:00 AM so Range Control can open the gate.

Caliber Restrictions

Rifle cartridges over 30 caliber are not allowed on Camp Butner ranges. Also no 30 caliber magnums are allowed.

RSO Training

RSO training is on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month excluding federal holidays at 2pm in the trailer near the range entrance. You can check your expiraration date at RSO Qualified List.

East Coast FullBore Match Photos

2021 State MidRange Winners

2021 State Service Rifle Winners

2021 LR Regional Winners

2021 Polar Bear Match Winner - Chris Blakenship

Latest USA National Rifle Team Qualifiers - Mike Halsey, Jerry McDonough, Russ Jones - Congratulations!

Please take the time to thank and support the following sponsors to the East Coast Fullbore Championships:

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